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The Real Estate Tech Trends Data

Important Statistics

 -The days of In person Home Sales is coming to an end. The time of doing everything from home is here, and quickly taking over the way we buy homes.

  • 95% of Home buyers use Online websites FIRST

  • 88% of Buyers say the most useful information they received, was Online

  • 49% Of buyers that purchase, found the house Online, where only 31% were introduced by an agent.

  • 93% of Buyers say that an Honest real estate agent's responsiveness is the most important quality.

  • 77% of buyers expect information within 30 minutes, only 24% of agents meet that standard

If real estate agent's provided the most up to date way of showcasing properties on online platforms it would:

  1. Reduce the requests for In person tours

  2. Reduce the amount of questions about the property

  3. Reduce the amount of time buyers spend thinking about putting in an offer

  4. Give agents more time to personalize the relationship between agent and buyer

  5. Eliminate "Dead Time" Time traveling and researching properties.

-Using these services will increase completion time, happiness of buyer, likely hood of return and referral sales, and give agents more time to work with more clients.

  • "Click On Me" Picture

  • Aerial photography

  • 3D Virtual Tours

  • Agent's Showcase

  • Modernizing Agent Interactions

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The picture an agent uses to show the first glimpse of a home is a first impression that most agents FAIL. When buying a home and scrolling through hundreds of listings, you want your listing to get clicked on. Showing the same boring picture as every other listing will cause buyers to scroll past you.


Does Not

This image is being used for educational purposes.


This image is being used for educational purposes.

Home Buyers

This image is being used for educational purposes.

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compare 1.jpg

Changing this boring perspective to something different peeks the curiosity of prospective buyers. And increases the likely hood of them clicking on your listing.

This image is being used for educational purposes.

Increasing the elevation using aerial photography, with editing software and natural light to increase the overall Wow factor.

This image is being used for educational purposes.

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compare 3.webp
compare 4.webp

Another example of how the normal perspective not only portrays a boring and dull property, but it doesn't show the entire home.

This image is being used for educational purposes.

Increasing the elevation using aerial photography shows the entire home, but also highlights the neighborhood and the beauty of living lakeside

This image is being used for educational purposes.

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Aerial Photography

Frontal Highlight/ Money Shot

Providing a full frontal view from an aerial position gives a better perspective of the look of the home.


Aerial Photography

Top Down/ Birds Eye View

Elevating up to 400 Feet to showcase the entire property from a birds eye view perspective. 

Aerial Photography

Pull Back/ Neighborhood Shot

Elevating up to 400 feet, pulling back to 1,000 ft to show the surrounding neighborhood. This gives the client the ability to see the homes surroundings, a way to highlight points of interests such as schools or amenities.

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3D Tour zillow ad.jpg
Client Help: Features

Doll House View

Including Virtual tour software to your listings will dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend traveling to give in person home tours. And will give buyers the ability to view the home for as long as they want and discuss it privately.


Modernizing Agent Interaction

  • Showcase specific rooms, appliances, or art by adding indicators to the virtual tour. Automatically highlighting them to the client. 

  • Attach a brief Agent introduction in front of the home to give a more realistic feeling as if you both are there viewing the house in person. 

  • Video chatting inside a virtual tour, to walk the clients through the home without having to leave the office.

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